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Centrifugation solutions

There are many types of solid-liquid centrifuges on the industrial market. We’d like to summarize the process centrifuges that we can assist you with. 


There are Batch and Continuous centrifuges, and both exist on separation principle of filtration and sedimentation or combination of both.  Batch and Continuous refer to both feed and solids discharge.


The separation principles:

  • Sedimentation – based on difference of specific gravity (SG) of liquid and solids phase. The larger the difference in SG the quicker the separation, also the lower the viscosity of the liquid the faster the separation and the shorter the processing time required.  The heavy and light phases are discharged through different ports and piping

  • Filtration – on filter medium like cloth, mesh, wedge wire or slotted plates.  Liquid is filtered through the solids, solids are dewatered, can be washed and spin dried before a next process step like thermal drying. 

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