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Peeler centrifuge got their name due to the peeling of the solids cake.  Centrifuge has a certain cake volume and the feed time is in accordingly.  The peeler can be equipped with a filtration media or with solid bowl.  On filtration media like cloth the filtrate/centrate passes the cake, cloth and centrate outlet.  On solid bowl peeler, the solids sediment and liquid phase is discharged by overflow or skimming pipe.
A popular size peeler is the 1200 mm diameter which has a cake volume of around 400 liter. After feeding on filter media, the cake can be washed with wash liquid and finally the cake has a final dewatering spin step to reach bone dry solids.

Tubular Bowl Centrifuges are solid bowl separators with either manual or automatic solids discharge.
Feed cycle is stopped as the bowl is filled with solids and the overflow becomes cloudy.
Mainly used for applications where specific gravity of solids and liquid are close to each other, like in biotech applications.

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