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Filtration solutions

There are many types of solid-liquid filters on the industrial market. We’d like to summarize the process filters that we can assist you with. 


  • Batch and Continuous filters described here are so called Dead-End Filters.  This means that all the filtrate passes through the cake and through the filter cloth or mesh.  Filter cloths range from 100 uM and go down to around 2 uM equivalent openings.  In case of finer solids, so called pre-coats can be applied on the filter cloth through on which you feed.  Pre-coat filtration is often used where the filtrate is product and small quantities of fine solids to be filtered to obtain clear filtrate.  However there are in Israel also big pre-coat drum filters in operation where the solids are the product.  This is exceptional though.


  • Membrane filters, which work on ceramic and polymeric membranes and not cloths as previous.  These filters are not dead-end filters and not all the filtrate is forced through the membrane.  The opposite is true, large part of the liquid does not go through the membrane, sweeping the membrane surface clean from built up and fouling. That’s why they’re called cross flow filters. 

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